Hybrid A* Planner
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Hybrid A* Planner Documentation

The code in this repository is the result of my master's thesis which I am currently writing at the Integrated Research Lab (ITRL) at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. The code is documented here (work in progress).

The goal of the thesis and hence this code is to create a real-time path planning algorithm for the nonholonomic Research Concept Vehicle (RCV). The algorithm uses a binary obstacle map as an input, generated using LIDAR mounted on top of the vehicle. The algorithm is being developed using C++ due to real-time requirements in combination with ROS to ensure modularity and portability as well as using RViz as a visualization/simulation environment.

Key Characteristics

Large parts of the implementation are closely related to the hybrid A* algorithm developed by Dmitri Dolgov and Sebastian Thrun (Path Planning for Autonomous Vehicles in Unknown Semi-structured Environments DOI: 10.1177/0278364909359210)

Reversing in a Maze
Mitigating a U-shape Obstacle